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Article by Shoaib Ibn Abdullah

Twitter is the most popular micro blogging portal on the Internet. You can make money with Twitter. I think it is the easiest way of making money on the Internet. Selling every tweet to the advertisers is the method to make money with Twitter. Any one can make 0-0 every month with Twitter. It is as simple as Google Adsense. So let’s start the step by step tutorial.Step 1

The first step is that you have to have a Twitter account. If you don’t have Twitter account then go to Click on ‘Sign Up’.To make money with Twitter you have to have a lot of followers. The more you have followers the more you will earn. So the main things you have to increase your followers. How can you get a lot of followers, I have described on Step 3.

Step 2

Revtwt, Sponsoredtwt, Twivert is the service where you will find advertises. You have to also have an account there. So in this step you have to create an account on Revtwt, Sponsoredtwt, Twivert. I think creating account on all of this service is good for your income and also you will understand that which is doing well. Click on the link and sign up just as you have done before. Step 3

Followers are the big power of your income. Followers and following is the main cause of Twitter’s popularity. First understand the difference between followers and following. When you are following a person then his tweets will appear on your timeline. But if he doesn’t follow you then your tweets will not appear on his timeline. At this same way if anybody follows you then your tweets will appear on his timeline. But if you don’t follow him back then his tweets will not appear on you timeline. So if you want to earn more from Twitter then you have to increase your followers. There are many web service which give followers with condition. 1. Tweetlarge: Here you will get 1000 followers at the beginning as a gift. Just go to the website and there you will find that what you will have to do.I think starting your Twitter journey with Tweetlarge is good decision.2. Twiends: Here, you will earn credits for following other people. Later, people will follow you for earn credits. There are many other sites like this but I am very satisfied with this site. This site works very rapidly. If you don’t believe then see it your own eyes! 3. Boostyourtwitterfollowers: It is as like as Twiends. Here also you have follow people to earn credits and people will follow for credits. It will give you few followers. But that it is not little at all. 4. Follopia: This site works with Leverag method. As an example, let’s say you referred just 4 people at that page. And each of those people referred 4 more. Then you will get totally 4*4=16+4=20 peoples. Thus your followers will grow.

Step 4

Step 4 and the last step that how to cash your money. Revtwt, Sponsoredtwt, Twivert all of this pay by Paypal.

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